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  5. "谁在你的妈妈的前面?"


Translation:Who's in front of your mother?

January 3, 2018



I hope we all chuckled a little bit when we entered the answer


I chuckled more about the behind option...


Helooo dirty minded we all know what you mean.


I wrote "Who is in front of your mother?" Yet you say I am not correct. Your "translator" obviously do not know that "who's" is the same as "who is". And remember that "don't" is the same as "do not".


Missed translation. Duolingo team missed that one!

Note: The answers are manually typed, which turns out that the system isn't intelligent. But keep reporting!


It is accepted now


They should fix that glitch. Who's is thw same as who is.


In Chinese, isn't the first "的" removed to become 你妈妈的,我姐姐的车。。。


Yeah I think it can be removed since she is a family member.


Damo is correct, 的 can always be omitted for a family member, but also remember that a word modifying an adjective (like the 你 modifying 妈妈 here) is actually an adverb, and 的 only ever follows adjectives or adjectival phrases. So we should here omit the first 的, and instead make it ‘谁在你妈妈的前边?’. (ps talicueh, the ellipses in 汉语 uses normal dots: ...)


谁在你妈妈的前面 should also be correct


i accidently typed "who is in front of you mother" and it says it was wrong instead of me getting a typo


@Multi - But you are NOT speaking to your mother; which is what your sentence means. "Who is in front of you, mother?" As such it cannot be considered a typo. If I was translating "I am a judge", and typed "You are judged", it should be considered wrong instead of a typo. If I am translating "He is correct", and I type "He is incorrect", it should be considered wrong instead of a typo. In short, typos can be considered only when the mistyped words don't completely change the meaning of the sentence. That's what I think. Happy to hear others' thoughts.


I wanted to do "Who's in you mother's front?", but there wasn't two "'s" in the word bank so i said "Who in your mother's front?" and it was wrong


Correct answer: Who's in front of your mother?

Does not require two "'s".

Also note thst "in front of your mother" is much more pleasing and respectful than "your mother's front".

Hope this helps.


Why is the second 的 needed before 前面?


To denote "in front of your mother.." since you can't really say "in your mother's front.." in English.

Hope that makes sense.

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