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  5. learning german ;) ^_^


learning german ;) ^_^

how can u stay active on duolingo and devide ur time to keep up the good learning !!

January 3, 2018



I guess there's no secret method: you just have to keep saying yourself "One more great day on this wonderful site, learning a beautiful language". Sometimes it will be harder, but one has to push oneself to do at least that one lesson/review. The pride then is big :) It's usually considered better to set yourself a time of the day to do it; then it becomes part of your routine, and you're less likely to forget or slack.

I strongly advise you to reward yourself as well, often. Do something, anything you enjoy, in your target languages. Love to read? Find a book (maybe a children/teen book) in French or German (if you need tips, please ask, just give me a few details about what you love). Prefer TV or video? Check the Internet for short films, series or Youtube channels suited for your interests (subtitles are 100% better in the original tongue). Music? Again, if you provide a little information, I can guide you to some good songs with interesting lyrics, in both languages. Video games? Turn the interface in the tongue of your choice, and play along :) Bonus if it's an online game with inbuilt chat! Whatever you like, there must be a blog or F*cebook page somewhere with a friendly webmaster keen on reading, correcting and answering your comments.

What about finding yourself a penpal, or chat pal in those Internet days? Someone around your age and walk of life, beginning in your mother tongue, to progress together and feel the joy of really expressing yourself in that foreign language?

Have fun, and a great New Year :)


thank u for ur advice actually ur advices hhhh i ll try all of them in order to maintain a good learning ;) ps : happy new year for u 2


Love every second, enjoy it and work hard! ^-_-^


i will, thank u :)

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