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How many XP do you do per day?

I do 30 while I'm off work but I reckon I'll drop it to 10 per day later. This is mostly because I can't use Duolingo on my own computer, I just get a blank screen.

That aside, my main goal here is to pick up whatever I can pick up and to be consistent, even if it means only 10 XP per day.

How much do you typically go for?

January 3, 2018


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I used to be "insane" (50 XP/day) and even getting to 300s on the average for around three days but then realized it's not that much worth it in my case when I'm just learning "casually". Now, I switched to "casual" (10 XP/day) but I could aim for the same 300s if I want to but what really matters right now is that I keep my streak and be consistent with my learning, just like you. Keeping a streak freeze equipped is a nice safety, if you're aiming for a long streak in the long run. I think my highest XP was 305. Or was it 355?

That problem with your computer on Duolingo, did you try to look for help with that? Duolingo is much much easier to use (and much much more worth it) on desktop, but I admit the speaking and listening exercises on the other platforms make them more immersive.


I prefer not to use the streak freeze as it feels like cheating; I keep my streak while not learning anything. But to each his/her own :) I tend to do more than those 30 XP/day but I don't want to raise the bar as I think that could put too much pressure on me. Sometimes I just do 30.

Yes, I have asked people for help but no one seems to know. Both desktops have Windows 7 64-bit with IE 11. I was adviced to update Java but that did nothing. I assume there is a setting difference but I have no idea where to look.

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Hi there. Have you been able to use Duolingo on your computer since?


I used to do a lot, like 500 and sometimes more when I was finishing the tree, because I revised a lot. Now I typically do 50 to keep the streak and look out for new sentences and corrections. I bought the streak freeze in case I get locked out of the internet or something happens, but had no need to use it so far ;)

About the blank screen: do you use Adblock or any kind of tracking blocker like Privacy Badger (it can cause problems with displaying content)? If so, try to disable it, see if that works. You may also check if your Java and Adobe Flash is working correctly (though Flash is probably obsolete by now, maybe needed for microphone use only), ping the site to check if there are any problems there with connecting. Do you use Chrome and any other extensions?


500 XP/day is a lot! I'm taking it way slower :D

I have Adblock active on both desktops but I can try disabling it on the one Duo doesn't work on. And I think my Flash is updated but I'll check; thanks for the advice! I'm not using Chrome on either desktop.


Try using Chrome, it doesn't need Flash (Java plugin still may need to be checked, though) ;D I've tested many browsers before it and I think it's best when it comes to interactivity and extensions, but that's just my humble opinion.

Edit: just read your other comment (that you use IE11). Here is a link that may help you with Flash. However, IE is known for being really buggy, resetting its settings or reinstalling IE and Java may do the trick.


I don't know if you will see this reply but I got Duo to work on my desktop now. I made a few adjustments in advanced internet settings and that was it. Not sure if all adjustments were necessary but I basically copied what they were on the desktop Duo worked on from the beginning :)


Congrats, that's awesome! :) there are so many more options available on the web version, I'm happy for you :)


Hi, everyone! This is really important information that follows - I will virtually never say such a thing when it is not imperative and true:

Definitely DO NOT disable your adblock/anti-track. A great rule of thumb: never disable these and especially if someone suggests that you do, even more-so then definitely do not.

You cannot trust anyone running proprietary W3C standard for-profit code, no matter how lovely are the services they offer and no matter how nice some of the community is. If Duolingo cared about its users more than its proprietary bottom line (i.e. to make money by subjugating the users) then they would offer the source code for their application, enabling other people with web servers to run clones or customized versions of the software.

Here is an easy and off-the-cuff example of something that would have already happened if Duolingo released their source code such that any user could modify and host it -- and please both understand this and let this sink in:

There would be a functional and complete Japanese course not stuck in beta. I know this / you know this / we know this - and for sure - because I -- along with sooo many much more qualified individuals -- would definitely create it if given the opportunity. Please consider this several times and note the following: 1) This is definitely true. There are willing volunteers who exist and have the desire. They lack only the access. 2) To stop this from happening goes against the ideals of free autodidactic education. 3) It is common and accepted knowledge by now that nobody wants to see advertisements and furthermore that this translates to advertisements ransoming access to software service totally ineffective. To rephrase: Duolingo knows that neither users nor advertisers actually benefit from the practice of adblock-arms-race participation, yet they are willing to let the delusion that "eyeballs" is a worthwhile measurement - or even a currency - be perpetuated, although it is in direct conflict with the very concepts of observation, learning, science.

Of course, none of this is to disparage Duolingo or to suggest that the software-as-a-service they offer is not of value. It is most certainly of value! So if you wish to support them in a way that is the most ethical option, pay them money.

Their pricing is absolutely reasonable considering the value of the resources they offer. I urge everyone to consider supporting Duolingo in this way.

But once more: I urge everyone to abstain from disabling security measures such as adblockers. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter!


I have set my minimum to 10 XP, but I usually do more, a lot more. Exactly how many depends on how busy I am with my business... Sometimes it's between 30 and 50, and sometimes 200++.

It also depends on which language I'm currently working on. In the last two sections of Japanese, sometimes it can take almost half an hour to earn 10 XP. That's incredibly tedious and more than I can handle most days, so Japanese is currently on hold. But when I get back to it, I'll probably do it 10 XP or 20 XP at a time.


Actually I set my goal to 10 x day. But always if I can I go up to 50. There was a time in which I set the goal to 50 but then I got a new job and I wasn't able to accomplish my goal, I had not much time available for that.


I do 250 xp/day


400-600 (depends on school and stuff)


I usually try to get about 200 XP/day!


That's hefty! You must do a lot of the practice lessons then. I usually do two of those and then advance down the tree. You know, to kinda back into things from the previous day.


I get 20XP to 250XP a dsy


I do 50 XP a day as a goal but I usually do around 100-300 a day. I try to keep the entire tree gold daily using the timed review.


50 Xp/day - 100 Xp/day


How did you guys do more than 300 xp/day. I do between 20 - 100 xp/day.

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