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Starting to learn German

I have been learning German rather slowly the past few months, I know a fair amount of stuff, anyways, I have done multiple skills in the past half hour, skimming through them fairly easily, are the skills in my homepage the only ways I will learn the language? or will I be given a whole new set of skills to learn after I complete all of them? are there also other ways to learn all vocab words in any area (Animals, Food, etc) t

January 3, 2018



It will help you learn. But duolingo should not be your only site of answers. You need to learn with other outside sources. To get you started, i suggest German with Ania. She will help understand most of the questions you need about German. You CANNOT learn a language with duolingo, but you can learn a language ALONG duolingo.


Start practicing with greetings and conjugation for a week so you can memorize and move onto other things.


I see, thanks, I do take 1 on 1 classes for about 5 and a half hours a week as well, (Of course, I am given a lot of work at home) is Ania another language site?

[deactivated user]

    Learn German with Anja is a YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZwegPHTG4gvnR0WLzaq5OQ

    It's one of my go to YouTube channels for German. She's quite funny and teaches German in very casual and vibrant way.

    She has an app too.


    I agree with Nuno regarding Learn German with Anja. I also recommend a YouTube channel called Easy German and its associated subchannel Super Easy German.

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