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Beginner Chinese Club

I just made a duolingo club for Chinese. If you are also trying out the Beta Chinese tree feel free to join. Code: S4FBBF Thanks. 谢谢

January 3, 2018




When I try to join it returns that club is full


I was gonna join, but unfortunately I can't find the clubs page. :(


Duolingo doesn't have clubs for desktop, only mobile


Do you have to do the Club on an app (my phone is Android)? A friend of mine said she created a club, but the link looks like it's only for Apple? Can we do it through a web browser?


Hi there. The club is full. Any chance of there being an inactive member that I can replace?


If this club is full, try A7YUJN . Check every Sunday afternoon EST for spaces, I remove users who have been inactive for two weeks at that time.


Or another option for a Chinese club is MY4Z5Y.


Can someone tell me how to join a club? I don't see anything on my iOS app..


Can you see a leaderboard? If you are in one of those, you have the new version and will not be able to join a club. Duolingo are phasing out clubs (I think until May 20th) so some people are already in their new Leaderboard system.

If you aren't then you should still be able to join a club, click on the shield icon (4th from left) and you will either already be in a club, or have the options to create your own, join a random club or join a specific club by entering a code.


Thank you for your help. I only started less than 2 weeks ago so I guess I have the newer version of the app. That stinks though because I have an achievement to join or create a club

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