Level 25!

I've just reached level 25 in german. Sorry if I'm showing off, but iI just wanted to share my happiness with the community.

Your friend in the Level 25 Club,


January 3, 2018


Great job! Congratulations!!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch. :)

[deactivated user]

    Congratulations! Wellcome in Level 25 Club and thanks to Share your happiness with us all. By the way, you are more and more write and speak to us in German, if you want ti try it.. That's another possibility to strengthen and firm your new language in this Diskussionschannel-channel - good luck and fun going in to exercise your German. Good Job, you can be proud of it- me / wie too !

    Sorry,I was typing some mistakes- too late....

    Better late than never!

    Wow!!! Well done :D

    I just started today and I hope to be where you are

    Congratulations!! Keep going.

    Looks as though Duolingo doesnt recognize i've leveled up

    It shows in your profile, the forum thing is quite wacky those days ;)

    Doesn't it feel good? You're allowed to brag a little, after all this good work (plus, you've not been doing nothing with all the other languages: O_O). You're starting 2018 on the right foot. Congratulations and a year of plenty!

    hehe no. I;ve done a good chunk of welsh and norwegian

    Surprise-Duo has recognized you new Level 25 now !

    Congratulations! Well done! ☺

    Congratulations! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!


    I am coming after you, maybe in 8-10 months. ☺

    Congratulations on your success and welcome to the “Level 25 Club”...

    Wecome to the club :)

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu dieser hervorragenden Leistung. Bei mir fehlen noch ein paar Punkte in Französisch und Englisch bis ich so weit gekommen bin. Hut ab!

    Question ;

    Having reached the 25th level, how would you describe your German skills? Are you anywhere near fluency? If you visited Germany, would you be able to communicate with the locals?

    Definitely! you would survive in your everyday tasks, I am now even able to understand a big amount of dialogs in movies. Go for it! and dont give up!

    Congratulations!! Great start to 2018! :)

    Hmm, at which point did you peak the max fluency? I took two days ago the first course in English and finished within 1 hour the tree. The maximal fluency seems 76%. Then I tried German, my native language, and only got to 67% fluency (so I couldn't end the tree because my German grammar is worse than my English grammar.)

    Wewe sema swahili

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