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"For me, genius and success go together."

Translation:Pour moi, génie et succès vont ensemble.

January 3, 2018



Is there a quick explanation why genius and success, which seem to be nouns, don't require a determiner in the french?


I would also like to know this. Why are articles not required here?


To quote Sitesurf:

We do that to give a kind of "adage-like" value to words, or as a shortened version of a regular sentence.

Re: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité


@Ripcurlgirl, what if everybody stops using articles in sentences because "Sitesurf" explains it adds value to the word not to use them, and get the "articles are required" message because they got the answer wrong?. Do you know if the sentence would be accepted using the articles because this might confuse a lot of people here. I think that a little more info is needed. P.S. I always read and learn from all your comments, they are very helpful, thank you.


Why is "A mon avis le génie et le succès vont ensemble" not accepted?


It seems a valid substitute - "in my opinion" for "for me" - but Duolingo also provides back-translations as other exercises so you really couldn't translate "Pour moi, ...." as "In my opinion" if you see what I mean.

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