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Reporting possible translations

I reported (I guess) more than 20 possible translations which should be accepted. I received only one mail with about an accepted translation - still better than exactly zero mails for the Russian course, but still...

Does it mean that all other suggestions were not accepted? Some of them were 100% sure, like translating "elektrárna" as also "power station" and not just "power plant", but there were more I was sure about. Definitely some word ordering and similar.

How does the process work? Is there some cut process, which will mark you as an unreliable reporter after a few unaccepted reports and then you should not even try, because no-one will check anyway?

January 3, 2018



if you compare us, in beta only since october (or was it september), with the obviously much older russian course, you ought to be pleasantly surprised you even got the one report. (now a few more, after i visited your power station ones.)

widle is right. it is a matter of someone getting to the reports and making a decision. the spam report system does not exist yet (to flag a poor reporter). i don't know about my colleagues, but i sweep the far end of the tree for reports, slowly making my way backwards. have not made it to "science" yet. too many other things to do. including tips/notes in the opposite direction.

so thanks for reporting, and have patience with our small, overworked, and (i wish) underpaid team.


Thanks for the heads up and for all your work on this course.


I think, if there were a cross-course team, or a transferable database to deal with issues specified to English (e.g. synonyms, British / American English variants, equivalent word orders) rather than the languages taught, the work on reports would be alleviated, and both course authors and learners could have a better experience. If a contributor accepts a report, perhaps the acceptation also applies to the same English sentence in other trees, thus saving a lot of repeated reports.


They might have been dismissed, but they might be still waiting for someone to deal with them. Generally there are loads of reports and too few contributors, and no clear order in which to process them, so while one report might be dealt with soon, others might sit there much longer.

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