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What is the most amazing place you have been and why?

January 3, 2018



While in India I went to a Hindu temple on the top of a mountain in southern part of the country a bit northwest of Chennai, believe it was called Tirupati. It’s the most visited temple in India, I was staying with a family after attending a wedding. The uncle/family had influence (great humanitarian) tagging along with that family we had a private tour went to rooms not open to the general public. Touched the flame and all, not sure what the significance was but it was obviously important as they did not let other groups that close and closed the lines off for a few mins.

I felt a bit out of place as the only white dude…. especially considering I was with a family getting a private viewing. Still it was a great experience, 10 years ago and I still remember it well.

I actually plan to return one day, climb the steps, and wait in line like all the locals (hours, a day even). Felt a bit off being moved to the front of the line getting a private viewing as a non-Hindu foreigner.


The Netherlands. My boyfriend lives there, so I get to visit frequently, but I still am amazed every time I go. It's so beautiful there and I love the culture. That's why I'm learning Dutch, in the hope that I can live there one day.


Rhodes because I love history and although I was only there for a few hours it really was amazing going to Ancient Greek monuments


Mexico. It is simply a really beautiful county. The culture, the land, the people, the language is all amazing.


Spain and especially Andalucia


Croatia because it is my home country! But sadly I and my family had to move to England so I can only go there a few times a year


As I am 17 years old I have travelled not far. Especially, when I am daily inside, except when I go to school. That's why, my home is the best place I can imagine to be. I got here everything I need.

If that will always be my answer? I don't know.


I suppose you can go to the most amazing places in the world but there's still no place like home xD

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