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Please help with Language settings

Hi guys, my Duolingo's default language is English but I really need to be in French since I'm more comfortable in it... how do I change that? I went to settings but didn't find a way to change this. Your help is appreciated.

January 3, 2018



It is simply not possible to change the language on the screen. Each course has a “from” language and a “learning language” and that choice sets all the exercises and content. Not every language is offered from or to every other language.

What you can do is start your course over by choosing “French” as the language you speak, and choosing Portuguese as the language you wish to learn. Luckily it is offered - they only have English, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Note this will set your progress in that course to zero, but it will not erase the English based course progress.


Wow thanks for this Carl, you're a lifesaver. *Fistbump emoji (!!!)


Diane, actually, but it is my pleasure!


hey if you need help with that click on your proflile and search it in help, that should solve your problem

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