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Feminine/Masculine Words, Portuguese (Beta)

I have gotten so many questions wrong because I never knew if the word was feminine or masculine! Does anybody have experience in the feminine/masculine words area? If so, help please!!!! Obrigado!

March 17, 2013



Well...I'm not an expert but, generally, you could use the ending of the noun as a clue, most of the time things ending with an "a" is feminine, like "vida", "cozinha", "aranha" and those with an "o" is usually masculine. Like "Livro", "espelho" etc. But then since not all of the words end with o and a, you'll just need to practice and eventually get the hang of it! There's also words that don't follow that general clue thing I mentioned, like "o dia". Also, you might get a faster response posting this question in the Portuguese section of the site. :)


Eu adoraria a ajuda!


yeah i have a problem with it too it should tell you if it is a feminine or masculine i cant tell!

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