"Eu o văd acum."

Translation:I see her now.

January 3, 2018

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how do i know that it is HER and not HIM ? EU = I . VAD = see (i) acum = Now . O= a ? or is it that O means her ? to say the truth I don't remember.


Eu o văd (pe ea). I see her.

Eu îl văd (pe el). I see him.

Eu mă văd (pe mine). I see me.

Eu te văd (pe tine). I see you, singular.

Eu ne văd (pe noi). I see us.

Eu vă văd (pe voi). I see you, plural.

Eu îi văd (pe ei). I see them (at least one masculine or neuter thing in the group).

Eu le văd (pe ele). I see them (only feminine things in the group).


I agree, but „eu ne văd” is not correct, it is not logic


It could be in some circumstances. E.g. if you are looking at a mirror or a picture.


But "eu ne vad " is more logic "noi ne vedem"


Ne-ai dat de lucru cu eu ne vad.

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