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  5. "Ta ryba je malá."

"Ta ryba je malá."

Translation:That fish is small.

January 3, 2018



Is "That fish is small" good as well?


Did you make a typo here? The correction is litteraly ''That fish is small''.


At the risk of being banned from the Forum, I have to note that many of these phrases seem to have been edited from single word clips, and sometimes the words butt together closely enough that they sound like other, longer words. Quite clear when listening to the slow, separate words, but confusing at normal pace.


Yes, sometimes the words tumble together, especially when there are "l" sounds, as in "malou". I guess you just have to listen to the slow version if it is confusing


Why "The fush is small" is wrong?


fush is typo.The fish is small.


That is accepted. You probably had a typo in your answer. Use the report button to submit missing translations but first double- or triple check for typos. Most reports we get are typos.


We have a 4-hours old report that has "wish" instead of "fish". As I wrote already: Double- or triple check for typos before reporting. Most reports we get are typos.

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