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how to learn french

Hi, one of my goals in 2018 is learning french langugae and i need some motivation, because i dont know friends speaking french, so can you please help me. How to start? is dulingo best website for bignners? tell me if you have another website? is there another source to learn french (not in the internet)? Thanks

January 3, 2018



Duolingo is a great way to learn french. I highly recommend it! Zut is another good website for learning a skill off by heart. But you have to learn the language first.


I started french on this website, and it's working out really good.I give you a thumbs up!


I'll check it, thank you


I'll check it, thank you


Thanks man this is the first time someone is replying to me. Here is my new years gift to you. a lingot


Its my pleasure to be the first :) , thank u so much


Good luck on learning french.


Yeah, learning French when no one speaks it is difficult. Duolingo has been great for me so far. Also, if you have facebook look for groups that speak French and let them know you're just beginning. If you get in it really helps to just observe what people are talking about and see the way they communicate (their grammar may not be proper but it's a cool conversation tool). What helped me is watching a movie I love and know the words to i.e Top Gun, Blackhawk Down, etc and watching them in French. It helps hearing others speak...again all the translations are perfect but it helps the ear. I too struggled and continue to struggle so just hang in there. Bon Chance mon ami!!!


thanks for valueable info bro , I'll check it


I don't know where you live, but have you checked out DuoLingo Events?


I understand how difficult it is trying to learn it on your own. I am the admin for DuoLingo STL (Saint Louis, MO, USA) - French. I'm glad that I've had high school and university classes to force me to learn the language, but it is a bit harder if you're trying to find something external.

Join a group (Even MeetUp.com has language groups, dependent where you live) and meet like-minded people!


There are other sources, but duolingo is the best that I've tried on the internet. Rosetta stone is the best source that I know of to learn any language. It's fun and you can just pop in the CD into your computer. I haven't bought any more, since I live around lots of kids and it costs $40(?) to get it. Not very many or very good movies, books, or recordings of french that I've been able to find with neighbors or at libraries. Having no neighbors or friends to help is hard too. I like the pamphlets from universities, but they don't help enough. I haven't tried a university language book.

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