Translation:It did not turn out how I wanted.

5 years ago



I put " it did not turn out the way I wanted.", and was marked incorrect. I believe it expresses the thought correctly. What is wrong with it?

5 years ago


Yep, but here in the lessons Duo is often not happy with 'expressing the thought correctly.' :) I think 'how' is pretty firmly entrenched as a meaning of 'como,' and that 'the way' is confused with a path or route in the Duo-bot mind until a human adds your translation.

5 years ago


That's accepted now. I just put "It didn't turn out the way I wanted" and it was marked as correct.

5 years ago


It was not the result i wanted. marked wrong, does anyone know why

5 years ago


Because "the result" is a noun, whereas "resultó" is the third person preterite conjugation of the verb "resultar".

5 years ago
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