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Icelandic from Zero: Lesson #3

Previous lesson: Lesson #2, Personal pronouns

Older lessons: Lesson #1, The Alphabet

Að vera | To be

Að vera (hear here) is arguably the most important verb in Icelandic, for it means "to be".

In Icelandic, all verbs in their dictionary/infinitive form have a little right before them. This is like the "to" in English. When the verb is conjugated, it of course loses the .

Að vera is very irregular, therefore its conjugations must simply be remembered... But don't worry, they aren't hard at all!

ég er=I am

Þú ert=You are

Hann/hún/það er=He/she/it is

við erum=We are

Þið eruð=You all are

Þeir/Þær/Þau eru=They are

In future lessons, we will cover conjugating more verbs (including the irregular ones) in different tenses and what not. So, don't get too worried about it right now ;)

Make your first Icelandic sentence!!!

ég er (your name here)=I am....

Comment your sentence and any other questiosn you may have below!

January 3, 2018



Hi Freyja! I made the memrise course!


Since you made this unofficial course, it's yours, so please let me know if there's something you don't like or that you want me to change.


Wow, it's awesome! Your name and memrise course will be linked/mentioned in every future post from now on. Thanks for contributing ;)


It's no problem, it only took about 20 minutes to make. Besides, you actually made the course, I just added the vocabulary to memrise.


Takk once again for these lessons. It seems you are nearing a point where you should make a repository post with all your lessons and provide a link to it within your lessons. Please keep up the good work!


The fun thing about að vera is that pronoun + að vera (conjugated) + infinitive verb is a pretty easy way to express the present continuous. For example: ég er að vinna og þú ert að sofa. (I am working and you are sleeping) It's a pretty neat construction.

PS: Ég heiti Fire-ergens.

PPS: Cool lessons, keep it up!


I first picked up icelandic by listening to icelandic rap hahahaha I know it is quite a polarizing type of music in iceland, but personally, I love it! The language has great rhythm and rhyme to it! Here is a line from one of my favorite rappers, GKR:

Hvað ertu að tala um Heldur’að þú getur gert það sem við gerum, nei ég verð að segja það efast ég um, já Hvað heldur’eiginlega að við séum ha?

Or even more recently, BOBA from JóiPé and Króli lol (I don't think I'm allowed to post the lyrics of that song on Duolingo though, so I wont XD)

Great post though and thank you for helping spread the beauty of the icelandic language!


Even as an icelandic girl I never really liked Icelandic rap despite how popular it is getting haha. Also, thanks ;)


How would you see "Your name is ..." in Icelandic? :)

Thank you for making these excellent lessons!! Bookmarked!!


In Iceland, we do not say "name is" often but rather "is called". The verb we use is að heita (to be called, to be named)

þú heitir eiður=Your name is eiður (lit. You are called eiður)

We will go over that verb in the future soon of course.

Alternatively, you could use what you just learned.

Þú ert eiður=You are eiður


Thank you!! I did not know that !! :D


Logging on; the third lesson is here. Fullkominn tímasetning!


ég. Otherwise it will be pronounced completely different.

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