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The sounds for "wir" and "wer" are so identical?

In Skill Section "Basic 2" says the sound of "er" (German) is similar to "air" (English) - "er sounds similar to the English word air (imagine a British/RP accent)".

Then, I suppose that the german word "wer" sounds like "v + air" (English).

But in the Words Learned Section, the sound for "wir" and "wer" ar almost the same, but different of "air" (English). The sounds are more similar to "ihr" (German).

Are the sounds correct? Should I suppose and use "wir" and "wer" as the same sound?

January 3, 2018



Wir should be similar to English v+eer.

Wer should be similar to English v+air.


So, the recorded sounds in Duolingo are not correct.



I think the vowel is meant to be closer to the one in "gait" than in "get". Cf. [https://forvo.com/word/wer/#de]


Wir and wer definitely sound different in German. The German wir rhymes with English here and the German wer rhymes with English there so just compare the pronunciations of here and there in English.

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