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Spanish the's

I dont understand the diffrence between them can you help me please

4 years ago



Every noun has a gender...Maybe this will help: http://www.e-spanyol.hu/en/grammar/gender.php

4 years ago

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And they can be plural (los/las) or singular (el/la).

4 years ago


THEM , in the Spanish language, the first person YO = I, then the second person TU = you and the third person EL (masc.) or ELLA (fem), this are singular, it mean only one, then when you go To plural, which is more than one goes like this, NOSOTROS or NOSOTRAS, that's = we, boys or we girls, then VOSOTROS (according to many of you, only in Spain) that mean "you all " and the last one is, ELLOS or ELLAS ,this are the one that mean them, is the third person in plural, PS. person is a matter of speaking order, that doesn't' mean it have to be a person, could be animals, and no more, because I don't want to confuse you, but is not difficult, just take your time ,and all will become in to place

4 years ago