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Fluency in German?

At which level are you when you finish Duolingo German course? Just want to know so I can plan on something. Thanks!

January 3, 2018



As always, it depends.

  • It depends on you practicing and actually remembering versus you rushing.
  • It depends on what you meant by "level" (Duolingo levels, or CEFR levels)
  • It also depends on what you meant by "fluency". It can't be measured by percentages

I can tell you from my experience, though, that with the method I follow (which is to make sure I remember the contents of every skill before moving on), and after around 250 days of practicing and having completed about 70% of the course I took a placement test that recommended I either take the B1 or the B2 exam of the CEFR for languages, with Duolingo being the main platform for my learning this language.


CEFR level ... high A2 / lower B1. I say that only since you just don't have the vocabulary or speaking practice to easily pass a B1 test. Also, if you're planning on taking a DTZ B1 test, you've got to write a letter / essay and if you don't have some practice with the format, you are not going to make it thru that section.

Depending on what you're planning, you might be fine though.

[deactivated user]

    Fluency or level?

    Level - 25th / Fluency - 65%

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