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  5. "What time are you going?"

"What time are you going?"

Translation:Unaenda saa ngapi?

January 3, 2018



why Ngapi, not mgapi?


Asking this question it indicates that an action is supposed to find place in the future?! Why do you use the present tense prefix "na"?


same as the English sentence. Technically it's in the present tense, but reference to a future time point is implied. 'Utaenda saa ngapi?' (What time will you go?) is another way of saying it


Asante sana. It's a very satisfying explanation.


Shouldn't it be "Unaenda Saa nini?"


No. Saa ngapi means "what time". Literally, it's "how many hours", but there's an important difference:

kwa saa ngapi? = for how many hours?
saa ngapi? = at what time?

Also, you can never use nini with another noun. It goes on its own. If you want to say "what [noun]", usually, you say "[noun] gani" which is more or less like "which" or "what" when used with a noun.

Hii ni nini? = What is this?
Yule ni ndege gani? = What bird is that?
Hili ni basi gani? = Which bus is this?


Info this vital should be included in the notes/tips.


you can find these in the 'Interrogatives' lesson

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