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"Guten Morgen, wie geht es Ihnen?"

Translation:Good morning, how are you?

April 11, 2014



Hey! Just in case you want to know: _die Nacht (the night) - feminine _der Morgen (the morning) - masculine

But, we have to use the accusative and say "Guten Morgen" / "Gute Nacht". Why?

These phrases are the short version of: Ich wünsche dir einen guten Morgen (I wish you a good morning) / Ich wünsche dir eine gute Nacht (I wish you a good night). That's all folks!


Why can't I say "how do you do?"


I think you should. Report it


I agree with Lorena, I did the same.


I said, "Good morning, how are you all?" to mark the plural distinction that modern English grammar does not formally have, and the owl took away a heart. I think that it, along with "Good morning, how are all of you (doing)?" (which I think might even sound a bit more natural), should be accepted as possibilities.

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Agreed. I too responded "Good morning, how are you all?"


In this case, the Ihnen indicates the formal form of the singular 'you' (since it is capitalized), and not the plural.


What's the difference from "wie geht es ihnen" and "wie geht es dir"?


the first option assumes you're using Sie as you, that means it's formal. Du as you is less formal


"How goes it with you?" was rejected, but it's perfectly good English and a more literal translation.


The order of these words -- wie geht es Ihnen in English is the same-how goes it for you! So why is this not correct? It might be a bit awkward in English, but it is still correct.


Does "wie gehts es" not literally translate to "How goes it?" Wondering why that answer was unacceptable since it's common here.


Ihnen is the dative of Sie. Why is it used here? Is there a nominative or an accusative in this sentence?


Is "I"hnen for you and "i"hnen for them?

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