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Suggestions for Chinese

Hello! Great Chinese beta so far, but as a suggestion, I think there are some ways to improve it. 1. Possibly have a way to toggle audio on or off, because some people are here because they know how to speak chinese but don't know how to read or write it (aka some of us ABC's lol). 2. Some phrases are spoken differently in Chinese if it is casual or not 3. To learn how to write chinese I think there should be "How do you write _____" in Chinese

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

January 4, 2018



For #1 you can toggle it in settings


What I have appreciated here is to have common Chinese words in a realistic context, in addition to that, the most usual grammer patterns are integrated. As you stated, we are dealing with a beta version. But I am absolutely happy. HelloChinese included stroke orders in the app. But I do not see any problem when learning them in a seperate way. It is possible to use at Duolingo the screenshots of unknown words. As a further step, there is the PLECO app which provides an excellent OCR (optical character regognition) with the best Chinese-English dictionary, which there is, as a free app. So you could help yourself.


HelloChinese even has an add-on course which contains stroke orders for all the characters of duolingo's Chinese course!


As another suggestion, place more of an emphasis on vocabulary, instead of just 'this character makes this sound'. I think it does a disservice when I see a character with no context. Granted, it is important to know how to read in any language, but you must also know what you're reading. In the other languages I've sampled on here, they teach you how to read the language, as well as what the words mean.

For all languages, put explanations on mobile as well, and not just PC.


word bank for the characters we learn

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