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The best thing about French on Duolingo is......

[deactivated user]

    The best thing for me is saying the words to the speaker it is really fun. But just learning the words, in general, is fun.

    January 4, 2018



    I like learning French. As you say, it is fun saying the words and trying to get the accent down pat.

    the words flow and sound so soft and pretty. In my humble opinion. I also study French on a specific channel on youtube and I like hearing how the words are supposed to sound.

    Kinda hard to get the sound right, but hearing it constantly in the correct accent eventually makes the words come alive.


    can you maybe share the link of the youtube channel you're studying French from? I would love to know!


    The French Duolingoers are pretty cool. People are super fast to share what they know and how they learned it. I hope it's like that on the other languages as well


    I know right! it's super fun!

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