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New Years goals (for language learning)

Along the course of 2017, I was on and off Duolingo. I wasn't very committed and I didn't really care, to be honest. But a new year is a clean slate and here are my goals for 2018- Get a 50 day streak. Last year, my highest streak was 49 and I was short one day. I want to reach 50 days because I want to feel like a achieved something bigger then my last achievement. I also want to continue to learn French more because it's currently at a lower level, and it's an enjoyable language and would like to expand my elementary knowledge in French. And my final goal is to stop procrastinating. Almost every time I open Duolingo, I go on a different site for hours until I finally remember Duo. Then I don't do it. And now, in retrospect, I should do Duolingo, whether or not I feel like it. It pays off in the end. I encourage you all to do the same. I encourage you all to make goals for you language, and try to fulfill them. It will pay off and make 2018 your best duolingo year yet. Thanks for reading! -SLeason

January 4, 2018



My goals for 2018:

  • Finish my Italian tree
  • Finish my Spanish tree
  • Maintain a 100-day streak
  • Finish my Ukrainian tree
  • Progress more in French, German, and Polish, and possibly Romanian, Irish, and Swedish

Hopefully, I can reach all of my goals :)


That's a lot of goals, but I'm sure you can fulfill them =)


Procrastination is a good habit to break -- I plan on doing so first thing tomorrow. My goals for 2018:
- reach a marginally conversational level in Mandarin
- read the Portuguese and Swedish books I bought 2 years ago
- lose 10 kg

Well, maybe 2 out of 3.


LOL well then good luck!


It is a good idea to write down this years goals. You'll have to revisit this thread at the end of 2018.

My goal is spend more time learning each of the ten languages. I barely made any progress in any of the trees. Greek only has one skill, and sadly, it was started months ago.


Thank you and good luck with your goals!


I will keep on mostly because I want to really know Spanish and soon talk to my friends and laugh while they are trying to figure out what I am saying


Haha I do that with my friends too!


I know I'm a bit late, but I just joined a week ago and I saw your post about reaching your 50 day streak! (One goal down!) So here I am with my goals for 2018.

Finish the Dutch Tree Get a 75 Day Streak Become Conversational in 2 Other Languages

Good luck to all!

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