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What is difference between words "hold" and "wait"

hola estoy viendo estas dos palabras y yo las veo igual bueno cuando las expresas en español son simiales?

cual es su diferencia?

January 4, 2018



To Hold = Sostener

To Wait = Esperar


They are quite different. Someone pointed out the Spanish equivalent, but I will elaborate a bit.

Hold as a verb has many many meanings but primarily a physical meaning: to grasp, to carry, to contain, to keep secure. It can also have a large number of more abstract meanings: to make liable, to arrange a meeting, to have a belief, or to delay or forbear to do something. It can also be a noun: the storage area of a ship.

Wait has primarily meanings that are not physical but express a mental state or the passage of time: to be in readiness; to expect or anticipate an event. It can also mean to serve meals or to act as a waiter.

The overlap between the two comes in the use of the phrase “hold on,” or “hold up,” which implies waiting, but really means more “stop” than “wait.” In fact “Hold” itself can mean stop...as in Shakespeare’s famous lines from Macbeth:

Lay on, Macduff,
And damn'd be him that first cries, 'Hold, enough!'


¿Puedes poner un ejemplo para que yo pueda ayudarte mejor?

"Hold" es un verbo que tiene muchos sentidos. Por ejemplo un sentido de esta palabra es "agarrar," "poseer," o tener algo físicamente: "The man held a gun in his hand" (El hombre tenía una pistola en la mano). Sin embargo hay un sentido que es igual a "esperar." Por ejemplo "Can you please hold (on the telephone)?" o "Our plane had to hold on the tarmac for an hour" (Nuestro avión tuve que esperar en la pista de despegue por una hora). En el segundo ejemplo uno puede usar "wait" en vez de "hold" y no suena extraño: "Our plane had to wait on the tarmac for an hour" pero en el primero ejemplo "hold" es la única opción. No sé exactamente como explicarlo pero yo diría que en el caso del teléfono es simplemente lo que se le lama la experiencia de esperar cuando uno habla por teléfono: "to be on hold." ("they put me on hold", "can you hold please?", etcétera.)

Espero que eso te ayude. :)


Hold is like freeze and wait like patience


They mean two very different things, and a lot depends on the context for which they are used.

Hold: is used in more ways than but it is used less frequently in every day life than "wait'; it can mean to "grasp, carry or support with ones arms"; "hold it" would be used instead of 'wait' as a more direct and do not disobey order. This is usually seen use by an authoritative figure to address someone in trouble; someone can hold onto something until something happens; "hold on" means "do not let go", and if this phrase is followed by an object it can mean "to guard" and "keep (the object) with (the person addressed)" instead

Wait: "stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or until something happens"; "used to indicate that one is early impatient to do something or for something to happen"


To me it is not different


No. They are not the same. You cannot say “Wait me in your arms,” or “Wait my purse for me while I tie my shoe,” or “He waits a strong belief in the value of education.”


Hold the bus for me please. Sostén el autobús por mí, por favor.

Hold this bag while we wait for the bus. Sostenga esta bolsa mientras esperamos el autobús.

We're going to hold a party. Vamos a celebrar una fiesta.

Wait for me! ¡Espérame!


Usamos “wait” con más frecuencia.


To hold, you are asking for someone to carry something. Such as a book or another object. To wait, you are asking for someone to not go. An example is if a person is leaving and you ask them to wait.
I hope this helped.


"Hold" por lo general significa sostener pero las frases "hold on" y "hold up" etc. pueden tener el mismo significado que "wait" (o sea "¡espera!")

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