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Are there any plans for...

Are there any plans to develop Latin, Aramaic, Kurdish, Persian, Pashto, or Urdu anytime in the near future?

January 4, 2018



I'm just curious, but how many languages do you want to learn?


I read write and speak German, French, and Italian English is my mother tongue! I am just trying to keep them and advance them. At 66 years old I do not plan to learn another. Good luck, it get easier with every language.


Well, all of them if I had the time. All languages ever.


That is a really cool goal. If I may ask what is your first language?


English. Although I use it less and less as time goes on.


In my opinion, they are likely to develop plans for Latin and Persian. However, idk about Latin since it is not a spoken language. If the language is minor, they are unlikely to make courses for it anytime soon, since it would need a group of people who are fluent in both the less common language and English (unless the course is for another language group). In the case of Urdu, I doubt that a course will come out anytime soon because it is so similar to Hindi. In fact, they might see it as a waste of time to work on Urdu in the near future since someone who learns Hindi could communicate fairly well with Urdu speakers


I think Urdu would take a while for political reasons.


Latin is a really interesting language. It would be extremely cool if they made it a language here. Latin is a spoken language, it just isn't spoken by a majority.


They are developing a course for Hindi, which is very similar to (spoken) Urdu; in fact, my Urdu-speaking friend is encouraging me to start the course so we can talk in her native language. That Hindi is already here makes me doubtful as to whether or not they will develop an Urdu course since much of the basic content will be very similar/identical. I would LOOOOVE to see a course in Latin; in fact, I'm taking it in school over the next few semesters and am hoping to develop enough of an understanding to try and sign up as a contributor/moderator for such a course.


I'd say Persian is the most likely of those listed.

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