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My 2018 Goals

Reach level 25 in French

Get a 400 day streak

Get 500 duolingo followers (don't judge/hate plz)

Complete my German tree

Complete my Practice Makes Perfect French book (arriving in the mail tomorrow)

Write a 5 paragraph essay in French with less than 5 mistakes

Write a 3 paragraph essay in German with less that 7 mistakes

Read out loud both of my essays easily

Hope this inspired you!

January 4, 2018



Great goals! It’s always nice to start the year fresh, feeling like anything is possible.

My only language goals are to read some Italian every day (currently reading a mystery novel) and practice Japanese every day. Japanese is totally new to me, except for the culture.


Thank you! Good luck with your goal!


Out of curiosity, what mystery novel are you reading in Italian? I'm trying to find good resources for learning Italian, including books to improve my reading skills.

Molte grazie! :)


I actually find mysteries really slow going, because many tend to have slang. I’ve started and stopped a few. They aren’t the best entry novels I’ve found (for me). I’m currently reading a series with Dante acting as a kind of 14th century Sherlock Holmes: I Delitti della Medusa, by Giulio Leoni. It’s pretty good so far, and no modern slang, but still uphill work.

As far as entry reading in Italian I had good luck with a “easy reader” mystery geared to B1 readers called “Omicidio alla Moda,” which was simple reading and fairly entertaining. It won’t win any Edgar Awards, but it was a good starter book, especially to read on the Kindle with its built-in Italian dictionary. I’ve also really enjoyed Alessandro Barrico’s books (non-mysteries), which are lyrical and poetic and tend to use simple sentence construction. I can recommend Seta (Silk) which is historical fiction centered in the silk industry in 19th century France.

I know people say to start with kids’ books, but I would be bored with that. Start with what you like, as long as the text isn’t too hard. And only read as much as you can handle at a session. Sometimes for me that’s less than a page.




I love your goals! My language goals would be to finish my Spanish, Ukrainian, and Italian trees, try to maintain a streak (though streaks are not very important to me), and start a few new languages. :)


Thank you! I hope all goes well with your goals


Thank you, and good luck with your language goals :D


That sounds great!


good luck to you! where do you find time to do all of these tho?

i just wanna focus on chinese atm-- finishing the tree and revise all the way to level 25. i can't imagine having to juggle two languages. it must take a lot of dedication.


Awesome goals! Hopefully, I get to level 25 in French!!!


Wish you all the best realizing your goals! I want to reach level 25 in German, Russian and Spanish this year.


I am trying to get all of my word strengths to 4 bars. I would like to restart my study of Spanish on Duolingo. I would like to attend a French conversation group and maybe take a French class at the local community college. Your goals look great. Bonne chance!

[deactivated user]

    Hello, Good Luck for your goals.

    I am going to join you with the 400 day streak (minimum of 600xp a week) and to complete my tree.

    I will help you with one of your quests. I am now a follower :)


    i hope you get all of your goals my goal is to make new mates

    [deactivated user]

      Good luck in your goals. I want this year for me to be the year where I don't skip any days. I'd like to get to level 25 in Japanese and complete Italian & German.

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