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Music for Chinese learners?

I would love some Chinese song recommendations. I think they are very helpful for learning and immersing yourself. (Anything with pretty erhu melodies is appreciated) I mostly like energetic songs and songs that get you pumped up. 谢谢!

January 4, 2018



there's a popular reality tv show called "i am a singer" in china where professional singers sing covers and the ones with the least votes will get eliminated every week. you can find their performances in youtube. that's where i get most of my chinese music recommendations.


Jay Zhou is pretty popular in China, and has some upbeat songs along with some songs using traditional Chinese instruments. Personally, I like these songs:

我的歌声里 野子 我要我们在一起 甜蜜蜜

Honestly, if you're just starting out though, I would look up Chinese versions of Disney songs or songs you already know to help you get going. Good luck!


Disney songs are a good idea, but some of them switch words and move things around to make it sound better, which then alters the meaning, so I would be careful with that.


I recommend you "Transition". They are English but they sing in chinese. Their songs actually help you with chinese. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XTBwvi0h2E Most of their youtube music videos have English subs.



I listen to Khalil Fong to study Chinese. Check him out!


I will try with songs for chineese children


Copy and paste into youtube or youku! 中国二胡歌曲


This is a very good idea, listening to songs made my English much better.


Find Chinese versions of songs you know the lyrics for in English, like Disney songs. Honestly, just go on Spotify and look for Chinese song playlists. It's all there.

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