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What languages have chatbots?

I love using them. I think they are super helpful! Just wanting to see which languages had them.

January 4, 2018



Spanish, Portuguese, French and German I believe has them. Not sure about the others.


Italian and Polish and Turkish do too...I think


Turkish doesn't seem to for me. I'd have my doubts about Polish as well, particularly if Italian doesn't, as mentioned elsewhere in this thread.


I know that they are available for English and Spanish on iOS, I'm not quite sure what other languages have them.


I know Spanish, German, and French have them for English speakers. Few languages have bots.


They do have Portuguese too! I just took the placement test to check. They don't have any for Italian, which would probably be the next language on the list.


Do you have to use an Apple product to get them? I've never seen them on my computer or phone.


Yes, they're iOS only. The web version has stories though, which I like much more.


The useful thing about chat-bots is seeing if how you respond in your own words is actually is correct. Kind of the freestyle writing idea. I like the stories more too.


This is exactly why I don't like the chat-bots, actually. If you don't respond within their extremely highly circumscribed expectation, they quickly respond nonsensically, or simply lock up. Plenty of times it's given me points for "Good answer!" and then completely ignored what I said.


I agree the programming script isn't flexible to respond to all possible answers. That is what I don't like about them too.


With the languages I am learning I have only seen them in French, Spanish, Portuguese and German. I haven't seen any in Italian. The chatbots are only on the app for iOS that I know of. I acquired an Android tablet recently and don't see them there. They are not available through the website.

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