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"The class teacher is coming tomorrow"

Translation:Mwalimu wa darasa anakuja kesho

January 4, 2018



Should this be "atakuja" instead of "anakuja," since the action is happening in the future?


Just like in English, you can use the present -na- (like the present continuous is/am/are ...-ing) to talk about future actions if it's clear from context that it's about the future. The kesho in this sentence makes it completely clear.


Really? I read somewhere that you should not use the present tense that way in Swahili.


"mwalimu wa darasa atakuja kesho" is noted as incorrect, with a typo. It should apparently be "anakuja". I realise that anakuja might be common but surely atakuja is the more correct version. Can anyone shed light on this?


Why not 'atakuja kesho'?

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