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Estonian Memrise Course: UPDATE


As some of you know, I decided to make an Estonian Memrise course, and you can see my original post about it here.

Now, I have separated the words into separate levels, none of which are complete. This will help keep the course organized. There are fifteen levels, and two bonus levels.

I'm hoping that in the next few days I can add enough words to bring the word count up to two hundred, as of now it is at 105 words.

I hope you learn Estonian, as it is a stunning language!

Memrise course

Tinycards Decks:

I have decided to make Tinycards decks also so you can strengthen the words you learn with my Memrise course with Tinycards. I have Tinycards decks covering two of the skills, and as I make more, I will add them to this post.

I hope you enjoy!

If there are any mistakes, tell me about them in the comments below, as I am a learner too!


I am accepting contributors to help me work on the course. The requirements are:

  • fluency in Estonian (or at least enough to be able to contribute content that is accurate)
  • fluency in English
  • possession of a Memrise account (if you don't have one, you can register one)
  • being active

Your application should contain:

  • your Memrise username
  • in both Estonian and English, how you came across Estonian, and if you are a native, tell me how you came across languages and why you want to become a contibutor


January 4, 2018




Hello, my username is Dulcetia. Two years ago, I discovered this beautiful language because my friend spoke Estonian. From there, I began learning Estonian and I can speak Estonian now. Every language is special to me because it's unique and beautiful. I love all languages, especially Estonian, and I love to help others. It would be nice to help people learn Estonian and help change the world.


Tere, mu kasutajanimi on Dulcetia. Kaks aastat tagasi avastasin selle ilusa keele, sest mu sõber rääkis eesti keelt. Sealt hakkasin õppima eesti keelt ja saan nüüd eesti keelt rääkida. Iga keel on minu jaoks eriline, sest see on ainulaadne ja ilus. Ma armastan kõiki keeli, eriti eesti keelt, ja ma armastan teisi aidata. Oleks tore aidata inimestel eesti keelt õppida ja aidata muuta maailma.

Thank you Maughanster_ for creating this fantastic Estonian course! :D


Do you mind if I ask what resources you used, especially at an intermediate-to-advanced level? I'm learning a little Estonian & one day plan on *properly * learning it (to a high level of proficiency, hopefully). I've got a few textbooks but I'm not really sure what to use after I've finished them (as I can't imagine I'd be higher than about an A2 level at that point). Suur tänu in advance! :)


Hi kirezatav,

I used a lot of the resources on this page (scroll to the bottom, though): http://www.omniglot.com/writing/estonian.htm


Oooh, thanks for sharing that link Dulcetia!!


Thanks! I'll add you to the list of contributors in the Memrise course!


That is a really nice work and much appreciated since there aren't too many options available for Estonian learners.

I only reviewed the tinycards part for now, and will make some notes:

kui = if (not 'so', 'so' could be translated to 'nii')

strength (noun) = j6ud ('j6udU' is rather something like 'have strength!', like a wish for good luck etc)

The Verbs part was generally correct, but maybe would make more sense to have all words in one form, for example infinitive? Apart from English, all verbs in Estonian have different suffixes depending on the subject.

But otherwise, amazing job!! :) Thank you for that!


Didn't know about the kui part! I will fix that ASAP!

I know that jõudu means have strength, but I just wasn't sure how to express it, but I changed it to fit your reccommendation!


EDIT: I made all of them in the Verbs deck be all infinitive. Thanks!

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