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Chinese Course Issues

Is anyone else totally irritated with the Chinese course? I'm using it to supplement the Chinese classes that I take at school, and the translations that they accept are so limited, it's ridiculous. I understand that it's only in beta, but they should really start going through it and accept more translations because I've seen some people in the discussions report it from as much as a month ago, and it still isn't accepted. I hope they can see this because I'm really annoyed.

January 4, 2018



If it annoys you so much you could stop using it until it’s out of Beta.


Duolingo is pretty great for practice sometimes, but in terms of their Chinese course, they are failing. There are better apps out there. I recommend trying out Hello Chinese, and maybe you will be impressed with what they can do.


I agree, there are issues with the Chinese course here. Such as putting in emphasis on what sounds the characters make, but not on actual vocabulary, which is kind of needed to actually communicate in any language.

However, I do feel as if it is helping me learn the language; however, I find I have to take my time with it. It seems better than Rosetta Stone. I am hopeful they will improve things.

[deactivated user]

    Native speaker commenting, after alpha testing the course and talking to people on the forums with the same kind of issues (I volunteered to have access to it before most people to report the mistakes floating around), I somehow got the feeling that DL pushed out the Chinese course in a rush. I regularly scour the "Sentences" tab in the Chinese forum to make sure no one is learning incorrect vocab/grammar structures etc. Fluent translations were marked wrong and correct alternatives weren't accepted. It was worse in the placement test than in the lessons themselves (I only tested out to level 7). Folks were saying that the course contributors weren't fluent in Chinese, English or both. A bit frustrating, but we should give it some time, so click on that report button. As always, DL shouldn't be your only mean of acquiring a language.


    If you’re a novice and learning the language how do you notice an error? You just learn it and think it’s the correct way!!

    [deactivated user]

      Which is my point. The course could be misleading at times.


      I study Chinese philology and I can't pass the first test for not beginners cause of mistakes, not accepting synonyms and weird translations. My level is around HSK 5. I could help with this course, but still, I'm just disappointed.


      I agree. There are lots of errors, such as incorrect tone marks, etc. It teaches you bad habits so use Hello Chinese like himawariadari mentioned or Chinese Skill.


      I like that Chinese Skill and Hello Chinese cover different vocabulary with similar grammar lessons. I found Hello Chinese first, and was so obsessed, I finished the whole thing quite fast. Then I found Chinese Skill, and was not quite as impressed with it, but glad that it covered different vocab. Then I switched over to the Ninchanese universe and now I'm 2,000 vocab and HSK 2-3 after just a few months of study!


      You can also use Lingo Deer if you want to learn how to write and read Chinese. Also best substitutions for Japanese and Korean!


      just have a notepad on standby and copy paste the answers they want. english isn't my native language so i'm not going to argue about grammar or sentence structure in english because i'll never know for sure.


      I mean their desired English translations aren't very natural so it doesn't really help you there. I have found myself copying and pasting so many times it is quite disappointing.


      duolingo is fancy? (T_T)


      welp its kinda like "dis-hate" , you 100% understand it but its just not a real word. one english word can be a tons of chinese word. for example : Eng "red" can be "紅,赤,血色(which means color of blood, used to describe beautiful red)". so basically, Chinese is no1 most difficult language, get a Chinese friend would be alot faster & easier(really, even if you live in south pole)


      Same thing happens literally all the time when I practice Chinese on Duolingo.

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