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I would like to learn Business English. Do you know an application ?

January 4, 2018

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I had for many years this similar problem. I started work in London but I still needed to improve my business English. I did not have all of the vocabulary that I would need in situations where I needed it. In meetings, on the telephone, talking with customers, writing emails, and also just talking with other departments in the office, I was really not comfortable. I tried many applications in my phone and I could learn some new vocabulary, but it was a problem because I could not practice the speaking much with the applications. Then one friend recommend me to practice business English taking a class with a teacher online https://www.expandlifebusinessenglish.com . She had classes with this teacher and she had told me that she improved her business English very much. I studied with this teacher for probably five months and it was a great experience. The classes have been very well organized and they let me speak all the time. It had a structure so I learned the materials with a very logical structure. I learned everything about the company and all of the different parts of the company. And then my favorite part that helped me most for my job was the part about communicate different ways. It was also organized well and use examples so I can see how to do these things. With all the topics the examples helped me the most. We use all different things like videos and articles mostly. We talked on the internet once each week. I did all of my homework and sent the email to the teacher when I had any doubts. I learned very much with these classes a tons of vocabulary and even how I can improve my interview. I was not looking interview for a new job in that moment but then I remembered when I wanted a new job the next year ☺ I recommend the classes if you want to get better business English. The applications can help you but they will have some limit.


I'm also interested!

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