"If you turn around, I am going to take a photo."

Translation:Si tu te retournes, je vais prendre une photo.

January 4, 2018

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How about using "tourner" (conjugated appropriately with either 2nd person form)? Why would that not work? ...In fact is there any procedure to determine whether to use the re- version of a verb (retourner, revenue, repasser etc), other than when it's obvious that the subject is doing the verb again?


"Tourner" by itself is simply "to turn", for example to the left or right. "To turn around" requires the reflexive "se retourner".

There is no procedure for "re-" that applies to every verb. The verbs you mentioned, for example, have their own quirky definitions not related to their counterparts.


Thanks! To be honest I chose those three verbs at random, but if there's generally no procedure to decide when to add re- I'll just have to go ahead and learn my verbs ;)


"si tu te tournes je vais prendre une photo" est aussi souvent utilisé en Français, peut être pas la meilleure forme mais correct néanmoins


why not 'si vous vous retournez?


"Si vous vous retournez, je vais prendre une photo" is also an accepted translation.


I think the future tense should be accepted in the second clause (je prendrais)?


"Je prendrais" is conditional.

"Je prendrai" is future and is accepted here.


I am very surprised that 'to take a photo' actually uses prendre instead of faire. It's the first time I've tried to second quess what the verb might be instead of translating literally and I got it so wrong. I'll keep trying though, faire is used so often, I'm bound to get it right soon. :-)


that's what happened with me, too :/ can one of the mods confirm which word is the one we should use??


Why are there two forms of 'tu' back to back? Does it have to do with the 'Si' before it, or what?


It is because the verb "retourner" means to turn (something) over or around and it only refers to the person, i.e., the subject of the sentence, when it is used reflexively (se retourner). So who/what is turning around, "tu" (or "vous"). Either "Si tu te retournes" or "Si vous vous retournez" are accepted.


Is "tourner autour" ever used to mean the same thing as "se returner"??


Maybe, but the French language greatly loves these pronomial verbs so I'm going to practise using them every chance I get.


Why doesn't this construction use the subjonctif? Why not "si vous vous retournez, j'aille prendre une photo" ?


Probably because there is no que in the main clause. See the following Lawless French lesson that says about the need for a que: https://www.lawlessfrench.com/grammar/subjunctive/

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