"The running cat is not fast."

Translation:달리는 고양이가 안 빠릅니다.

January 4, 2018

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Need a clue as to politness level, otherwise all politeness levels should be accepted.


빨르지 않아요 should also work. 1/4/2018 and again 1/13/18,


"빠르지 않아요" is accepted. "빨르지 않아요" is incorrect.


That spelling 빠 versus 빨 alwys trips me up, too.


The running man - 달리는 남자가 and drinking juice - 주스를 마시는. Why is descriptive before the noun in running man and why is the descriptive after in drinking juice. How do you determine this. This whole modifier section is not clear on where the verb should go.


For ease, let's add 남자 to the second sentence as well. "주스를 마시는 남자..." --> "The man who drinks juice... The man drinking juice..." What is being drank? Juice! So, it goes before the "descriptive verb".... I think of it as being "more" descriptive. Not only is the man drinking, but he is drinking juice! Also, in a public setting there could be a lot of men drinking something, but the man who is drinking JUICE is who I am talking about. If the 주스를 were placed behind 마시는, I would think "the juice that drinks"

It is similar to the "책을 읽는 여자아이가 귀엽습니다" scenario. --What is being read? Or what does the girl read? A book! So the girl who is reading a BOOK, not a newspaper or letter, but a BOOK is cute!

I had/have a lot of trouble with Korean word order, but as I practice and find similarities, I understand it more! I'm not very good at explaining... but I hope you are able to make some connection now! (Or maybe you already have!)


Thank you for the explanation, I find it clear now.


딜리는 남자

Here we created an adjective from the stem (root) of an action verb: Running man.

The running man goes fast. 달리는 사람은 빨리 간다.

The running man goes! 딜리는 남자 가요!


주스를 마시는

This second one is created by taking a noun verb phrase and changing it into something you can use to descibe another word.

Drinking juice or juice that we drink. 주스를 마시는

Do you have drinking juice? 주스를 마십니까?

Is that drinking juice? 저거 마시는 주스 야?


When can/can I not use 안 for negation?


This sentence was in listening test form and the speaker said it too fast for me to hear the "안"

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