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"Vanavond eten we een hartige taart."

Translation:Tonight we are eating a savory pie.

8 months ago



Unfortunately cake is usually called gebak or taart. There isn't a directly translatable word for cake. It may also be handy to know that "Hartige taart" can be used to refer to quiche.

7 months ago

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The same word for "cake" and "pie"? Isn't there another Dutch word for "cake"? I seem to remember something we had for breakfast in the Netherlands (many years ago now).. It was called "Friesland Cake" in English, and I am pretty sure the Dutch didn't call it a "taart".

8 months ago

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We also use the loan word "cake" in Dutch, but only to refer to a specific type: no cream or filling, minimal topping, usually loaf-shaped. What you would call a pound cake in English, I believe.

Do an image search for "cake recept" to get an idea.

The cake you're referring to might have been "Fries suikerbrood".

8 months ago


In wales we say apple pie or tart same dish

3 weeks ago