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Duolingo Latin!

I have been taking Latin for many years and I've noticed how helpful it is in understanding English grammar. Could we start a duolingo Latin course? I would gladly help contribute to the making. Just an idea, but I feel like learning an ancient language has helped me learn the modern ones. :)

January 4, 2018



A Latin course would be amazing, but I don't think they'll add one too soon. :/


Yes! I totally agree that we NEED a Latin course on Duolingo!


Sign up w/ Duo to develop a Latin course (wombatua has given the link)! That would be great. Duo promised one years ago but still hasn't delivered.


Spent 70 Lingots upvoting post, you received 22. How can duolingo be so buggy.


I took Latin for 1 1/2 years nearly 20 years ago and got straight C's in my classes. If I had Duolingo, or something similar, for my Latin studies back then, I would have gotten straight A's. :-) I would be very interested in retaking the course, Duolingo style, if volunteers with far more free time than I do can create such a course.


This is an unofficial Latin course I created, and will add more lessons as I am able: Latin for Duolingo There are enough lessons there to get you well started!

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