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I Have An Idea!Please Hear Me Out.

First of all;Happy New Year to everyone!

I have an idea or request; As you can see, I study a language for a long time, and I learn a lot of words: and as time goes, a lot of them becomes overdue, and I just have to re-learn all those words to freshen up. I also have troubles with my overdue and words that needs time to practice. I mean like seriously: How can a simple Spanish word like "amarillo" or "azul" can turn overdue, when literally you can remember it clearly with all your mind.

So to establish my point; May I request for something that compiles all, and I mean ALL the words that a user has problems with. I know you have an upcoming "Skill Levels" update but this one is different. It sounds like a reviewer or a test where everything you need to learn is there for you to practice. It is just like the "Test out of # of Skills" but this one is more like a test for all the areas you need to improve.

TLDR; Please make something that would help us refresh all the overdue words by compiling them into a test for us to put focus on.It would help me, and maybe other users to pin-point all their flaws among a thousand of words that we know.Thank you!

P.S I know it sounds like I'm lazy (and i think I really do am), but what I just want is to make Duolingo better for users like me. I just want to learn a foreign language clearly without the worrying about all the words that I might forget. ¡Muchas Gracias!

January 4, 2018



about two months ago a "booster deck showed up in my tiny cards. it includes all the words i have problems with on duolingo and it is renewed every week! i love it!


Oh cool I didn't know TinyCards do that. I will have to keep an eye out for that deck if I struggle with certain words.


They used to do this with the flash cards in the words tab, but eliminated that function.

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