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Kiswahili for "How are you?"

I am trying to study common phrases and words I saw in https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25743255. For "How are you?", what is the usual reason one would use "Uhali gani?" instead of "Habari gani"? I am not able to find a satisfactory answer. Thank you!

January 4, 2018



No reason. Its like saying: What's up? or How are you? or What's going on? or How's it going? or How have you been? or Are you well?

U hali gani is just another form of greeting. or Vipi or Sasa or Mambo or Hujambo or Shikamoo(to an elder or among friends).

My advice, learn them all. Some of them are regional, some are sanifu(formal swahili).

Happy new year!


Greeting rituals ae very important and there are many ways you can do it, depending on the occasion. I recommend to use the book Colloqial Swahili for better understanding. It is covered in the first lesson.

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