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Progress Quiz Scores

I just took the progress quiz for 3 of my languages, and was wondering what the scores really say about your language fluency. Like, would a 5.00/5.00 mean you are fluent enough to converse at ease? Would a 2.00/5.00 mean you're not fluent enough to even hold up a basic conversation? Clarification would be appreciated.

January 4, 2018



5.0/5.0 simple means you know the majority of the material that Duo teaches. It has no bearing on what fluency you have attained as that depends on how quickly you can recall vocabulary and also you would need a larger vocabulary to hold even basic conversations for any length of time.


That question doesn't have a solid answer (because it depends on a lot of factors).

Based on my own experience, I have to say that I started obtaining 5.00/5.00 in Italian, Portuguese, Catalan and French at a time (two or three months after completing the respective trees and re-doing it all again two or three more times), when my level in those languages was way, way, way,......,way worse than it is now ( currently I can converse in these languages and I can write and read effortlessly, but I cannot speak quite fluently at all yet).

I also noticed that I started getting 5.00/5.00 even though I made a lot of errors. Actually it is a bit more subtle to explain: the test usually starts asking you "easy" questions, and if you answer correctly one and another "easy" question, it then starts asking you more difficult questions, that is, the difficulty increases throughout the test if you always answer correctly (as soon as you fail one or two questions, it starts asking you easy questions again).

I realized that if I answered correctly the first 60% or 70% questions, then it started asking me much more difficult questions, and even if I failed at many of the last 30% of questions, it still gave me the maximum score: 5.00/5.00.

On the other hand, if you failed at one or more easy questions from the beginning of the test, then it will probably not give you the maximum score.

It only tests you about the vocabulary (and type of sentences) of the tree, so it is difficult to gauge that in terms of CEFR levels. Anyway, I am sure it is quite possible to obtain 5.00/5.00 in this test and at the same time to fail at an A2-CEFR level official test (mainly because of speaking).

On the other hand, it is perfectly possible that a person can "converse" quite well in a language (because he lives in a place where he has to speak that language daily) and at the same time he doesn't get the maximum score in this test (because this person may not know how to write properly or he makes a lot of spelling errors).

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