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How long will Duolingo take to launch Hindi in beta?

Just an estimate would be great. The Hindi team says it would be a few weeks. I'm wondering how much time will Duolingo usually take to launch a language in beta after the tree is locked? Does anybody have any guess about it?

January 4, 2018



Swahili was launched into limited beta when the contributors weren't even really finished. Klingon has been locked for about four months without going to beta (they have some technical issues with their weird orthography). Also, launching to beta is no guarantee that the course will be maintained in the short term. Swahili went several months without any sign of upkeep until recently.

[deactivated user]

    It says it will be doing voice in two weeks. Well it's been a course I've been waiting on for some time.


    Me too! I have been waiting for months, actually


    i have been waiting for hindi for almost a year now


    I think one and a half year now...


    I've been waiting for almost 3 years. That's when they were supposed to ORIGINALLY release it in beta.


    This depends greatly on whether the audio is TTS or recorded; if recorded, then all sorts of things can crop up to delay it; if TTS, then it can be very quick, but it can also be rather slow if it's being provided by some small, specialist company in the middle of nowhere which only gets to the office at one o'clock every day and then immediately takes a four-hour siesta.

    I'd guess they'll use a TTS for Hindi, as surely half-decent ones must exist by now, but, as to the process of dealing with the company that licenses it and integrating it into the Duolingo system, we can only wait and see. It's usually a safe bet to add a few weeks to a month onto any 'confirmed date', although sometimes DL surprises us and releases a course exactly when it said it would.


    uhmm.... what does TTS stand for?


    Text-to-Speech. In other words, having a computer automatically generate audio for text.


    I've been waiting for a couple years myself. I'd really love to test hindi in beta.


    uhh how much time it will take for hindi


    After 3 years, I've basically given up on duolingo promising to deliver something they'll never deliver and now use an app called Mondly. They've had their Hindi course up for years already.


    I've been waiting for a couple of years now, and it seems that we will all have to wait even longer for it to approach the beta phase. The problem here is that the people working on the language aren't actually working on it. Therefore, no progress is being done on the course, so we'll have to hope that they will come back and keep working, or hope that someone new will step up to take the job.


    Any update on this?


    Any update on this?

    Such as the fact that Hindi is in Beta? You could have checked the courses page before asking in a seven-month-old thread that everyone has probably forgotten about...


    It's available in the website now. But we have to wait for a while before it's released in the app.

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