question about used instagram in computer.....

i want ask you about used instagram in computer to conversation I did not find the place of the talks in your opinion where I find them pleaze guys help me ................

January 4, 2018


are you asking how to use Instagram or how to have a conversation???

January 5, 2018

how to have a conversation in instagram but by computer

January 5, 2018

you can't do that on a computer :(

January 5, 2018

rapmonster used to be my oppa but then i changed to jhope and then to jungkook and then finally jimin. i love bts so much! They are like my everything. So glad to finally know another army!

January 5, 2018

My bias used to be jimin, then jhope then jungkook and now it's v. From a fellow army

January 5, 2018

my bais is Suga honestly im only here for BTS

January 6, 2018

[deactivated user]


    January 8, 2018
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