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Duolingo Discord channel?

Yeah, I know I've broken my Duo forums hiatus too many times, but hey, at least I get to see you guys once in a while, right?

Anyways, I recently got a Discord account, and I know that at one point someone had a Duolingo Discord server. So I was wondering if the server's still up, and if it is, what's the discord.gg link to it? Thanks in advance!


January 4, 2018



I think you can find an invite on the Duolingo subreddit. Honestly I forgot how I ended up in that server.


Subreddit who-what?

I need a direct link, not subreddit.


I just checked and it's not there, so it doesn't matter. I found it here.


There's the OUDD server Omega just posted and the less known Jean Atome's server: https://discord.gg/8YmCNfa If you find other let me know.

That's one isn't the most active language server but there you can find me and we can like talk... exchange cultures or whatever, Spanish is my mother tongue.

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