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Windows 8 App

Shouldn't there be a Windows 8 App for Duolingo? I personally have a Windows 8 laptop and would love to have the app instead of searching, "Duolingo" on Google everytime.

March 17, 2013



Agree with Olimo. Maybe I'm getting old but I just cannot fathom this idea of having a separate "app" for each and every webpage that you might want to visit. It's like having a different GPS unit on your windscreen for every destination that you might want to drive to. With chrome and firefox (no idea about IE or Safari, don't use them) you don't even need a bookmark. Just start typing in the address bar and by the time you get to "duo" you'll find that the full duolingo address has been auto-completed!


If you guys had an app, I could see flashcards for the words that need the most practice on the live tile so that i would be more encouraged to get in there when i was bored.


Great idea! There are lots of things which could be shown on the tile, for example your coins/streaks status or a reminder to keep practising.

Even before Duolingo get around to making an app, they could modify their website. Technically its is easy to implement... see http://www.buildmypinnedsite.com


I would find a Windows 8 app useful, for the same reasons I guess the ipad app is beneficial. Reasons like offline lessons and a more finger-friendly interface. For example, using my Surface RT I can't access the word hints unless I use a mouse to hover over them.

At least in the meantime you could allow a tap to show the word hints and include a nicer Duolingo icon in the head of your html--see http://www.w3.org/html/wg/drafts/html/master/links.html#rel-icon for a guide.


You don't have to search it. Use bookmarks or type duolingo.com in your browser.

In Chrome, you can even make a desktop shortcut: Wrench icon → Tools → Create Application Shortcuts.


I agree with u I have a windows 8 laptop myself and I feel instead of me using the internet just to use this website when I could just have The app


can you help me i try to download it and it said it chose a devices

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