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What about the other form of kana in Japanese writing?

Will katakana be added to the lessons?

January 4, 2018



Katakana are in the lessons. I am pretty sure they are introduced in the Intro1&2 skills, but I know they're there. I suspect the reason you haven't got to them yet is because you just haven't yet studied enough; I can assure you they exist.


It's in there.


Katakana appears along with loan words (words borrowed from other languages), starting with names John ジョン and Maria マリア, but for all the katakana to appear it takes finishing the whole tree (words like otaku ( オタク ), maid ( メイド ), cosplay ( コスプレ ) appear in the second-to-last lesson), so if you are impatient you can always look it up earlier by yourself ;) here is a post that explains it a bit, I hope that helps!


Katakana is taught on the tree when you start learning the basic Kanji.


i would highly recommend learning the entire kana before starting the course. please see tinycards or a similar resource:

here is a great (but requires flash in your web browser) little site that times you as you place katakana in appropriate boxes (it also does hiragana).


if you use this, you can do one column at a time, and then add the next column during your next practice etc until the entire chart can be completed.

of course, something like this will only help you to recognize kana; this can be fine, but there is definitely something about practicing to write them on paper that is very helpful.

best of luck! you can do it! do not give up! :)


You can learn them here:

http://hiraganaposter.com/ http://kataganaposter.com/

Get your mnemonics for Hiragana (ひらがな) symbols by watching this video:


Then Katagana symbols by watching this video:


Test yourself with a game like these:



To find your weak symbols, and Carry On.

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