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  5. "špatné dítě"

"špatné dítě"

Translation:bad child

January 4, 2018



How flexiible is the translation of spatné? Why not "naughty child", which (to me) makes more sense in English?


Which sense of "more sense" do you have in mind? Why exactly?

That would be much more likely "zlobivé dítě", "neposlušné dítě" or if it was really wicked or evil "zlé dítě".


Ah... I think zlobivé dite would be the phrase I would use rather than describe a child as "bad". Thanks for the clarification.


'dítě' is girl as well, isn't it? So, why isn't 'bad girl' valid too?


děvče is girl, dítě is a child or kid (and physically of course a boy or girl, but that is irrelevant).


It seems to me that "dítě" is pronounced "dike". Is that correct; is "t" actually pronounced "k"?


I suggest to review the Tips and notes from the first lessons dealing with Czech pronunciation and orthography. D followed by I is actually a Ď and T followed by Ě is actually a Ť. There are several changes like that so I really recommend reviewing those Tips.

Ď is a voiced palatal stop /ɟ/, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voiced_palatal_stop f

Ť is a voiceless palatal stop /c/, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voiceless_palatal_stop for a thorough description including examples from other languages. It may sound to you like K if your language does not have this sound, but it is not the same at all. As an approximation, could try to produce a T followed by J (that means the English Y).

(sorry for the confusion of Ď and Ť in the first revision of this answer)


why girl is a mistake?


díte - child

girl - holka, dívka, děvče


how do we review the tips? I just heard about tips recently and have no idea how to access them.


Select a skill on the web and click on TIPS.


I'll just add a tiny clarification that, unless something has changed recently, the Tips are available only through a browser (including a mobile browser), not through the apps.

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