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Icelandic from Zero: Lesson #4

Previous lesson: Lesson #3, To be

Older lessons :Lesson #1, The Alphabet, Lesson #2, Personal pronouns

Yesterday, we learned how to say "I am...", "you are...", and so on. Today we are gonna learn some basic nouns for you to be!

Nous have four cases: nominative, accusative, dative and genitive. Today, we are just going to learn about nominative singular nouns. Icelandic nouns are also classified by gender. Words that I don't identify the gender of are neuter.

Orðaforði | Vocabulary

Maður: (a) Man; Human hear

Kona: (a) Woman hear

Barn: (a) Child hear

Strákur: (a) Boy hear

Stelpa: (a) Girl hear

Note: We do not have indefinite articles (a/an) in Icelandic. However, we do have definite articles (the) for each case. They are added to the end of nouns as suffixes.

-inn/-nn: Masculine "the"

-in/-n: Feminine "the"

-ið/-ð: Neuter "the"


Maðurinn: The man

Barnið: The child

Konan: The woman

Stelpan: The girl

As you can see above, if a noun ends in a vowel, the suffix loses the (i). Therefore, it is Konan and not Konain...

More examples:

Þú ert maður=You are a man

Ég er kona=I am a woman

Barnið er stelpa=The child is a girl

Strákurinn er barn=The boy is a child (obviously)

Additional examples using ekki (not):

Þú ert ekki kona, þú ert maður=You are not a woman, you are a man.

Ég er ekki barn!=I am not a child!

I know that might have been a little too much to learn at once, sorry!

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Memrise course created by @Woof.: click here

I am in the process of creating a "repository post" as suggested by @OmegaGmaster.

Bonus song (I just watched this movie yesterday and loved it): click here

January 4, 2018



Þakka þér fyrir! :)


Þakka þér fyrir!


þakka þér fyrir!


Þakka þér fyrir! Dankon!


The Drops course for icelandic can also help with some pronounciations ;)

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