"Our birthdays are the same!"

Translation:우리는 생일이 똑같아요!

January 4, 2018

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Also 우리"의" 생일이(은) 똑같아요!


Are 같아요 and 똑같아요 the same ?


똑같다 is more emphasised than just 같다.

There are also situations where 같다 tends to feels a bit too weak, so you you mostly hear 똑같다. One of these is whenever "is the same" is the main verb of the sentence (i.e. not modifying a noun as in 같은 생일 or part of a grammatical construction as in 그런 것 같아오). This is the case in our sentence above, which is why just 같다 doesn't feel strong enough here.


생일 =Subject 우리= Another noun but NOT the subject here Now I got it.

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