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Saving Work on Lessons

March 17, 2013



Do you know how every lesson is 20 questions? Well, for me, I don't get through all 20 question in a 5 minute period, let's say. I think you should be able to save your work, so when you get back to Duolingo, you can go straight to the number you left off at.


How do you save unfinished work on Duolingo?


I don't know why this topic hasn't gotten more attention.I would imagine lots of users would run into this problem on their mobile devices. Maybe there is more discussion on this subject under another post.

I use the iOS version of Duolingo (for French). Given my schedule I often have to stop in the midst of an exercise and resume it later. Unfortunately, I often loose all of the work I did. Duolingo aborts the exercise — probably because of memory or a time-out "feature." I would really appreciate an option to save an exercise so I can stop it and resume it later. If duolingo can't program it to do this automatically, then provide us with an option to save our work at a given point in time and then return to it.

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