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Capped at 70%?

I've cleared the course and I still practice everyday. I keep all the skills full and usually do a few strengthening exercises too, but I can't seem to clear 70% fluency. Is that the highest you can get on a course? Is it related to your level maybe, or is there a pay-wall? Or am I just not working hard enough? Been like this for close to two months...

January 4, 2018



Yes. 60-70% is the max fluency you can get on Duolingo. The meter is quite inaccurate, so it doesn't matter anyway.


70%, you are awesome, Leah


I wonder how the new skill levels that are coming will effect the fluency percentages. I know the fluency scores are pretty random and irrelevant to measuring real life fluency, but I would still like to reach the max...at least for french. Lately my fluency score has been climbing almost every time I strengthen. I don’t think my french is getting that much better all of a sudden, so maybe they have increased the cap. Also kudos to everyone who has reached the cap, or near it!


i reached 76% in english. so 70% is not the maximum. i think you have to do more than 3 course per day to increase your rate once you fullfill your tree.


It depends on the tree.


I am up to 71 % and was hoping to get higher ???


I dont think it goes much higher. I dont think it has anything to do with paying for the service. Duolingo would be crazy to promise 100% fluency because the complete command of a new language seems bigger than the abilities of an app. French has well over 70,000 words! Duolingo at best could prolly only teach about 10% of that. But I think that's a great headstart. give yourself a break, you are working plenty hard. Try some immersion steps to see how well you can use what you know. Watch a French movie or listen to a couple french songs. (The song of the day thread is outstanding. Keep at it!


so all those people I encounter on the attached postings to the sentences, at level 20 and above, about 2-3-4 years ago, where have they all gone?


oh, please don't tell me "gone to flowers everyone"

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